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Scott Zies

Outdoor Enthusiast

When he was a child Scott Zies’ father often took him on hunting and fishing trips. Over the years these trips cemented Scott’s love of being outdoors and hunting. Today Scott works as the President of Brunswick Lake Lodge, one of Canada’s premier fishing lodges. Scott is thankful for the opportunity to work for Brunswick Lake Lodge. His main duties include being the ambassador and spokesperson for the lodge’s partners. He believes anyone who enjoys the outdoors should make a trip to Ontario to experience the lodge’s beauty. It’s an unforgettable experience.

Scott Zies believes that spending time in the wilderness is like therapy for the mind and soul. Everyday people face numerous distractions and stressful events. Therefore, it’s important to take the time to unwind and enjoy one’s self when possible. After a weekend in the wilderness with friends and family, Scott is able to return to work with a better attitude and more focus.

On hunting trips Scott typically hunts ducks, grouse, moose, and deer. When he fishes he usually fishes for Walleye. Besides hunting at Brunswick Lake Lodge, Scott enjoys traveling to Michigan and Alaska for hunting and fishing trips as well. Some of Scott’s favorite memories are related to spending time in the outdoors with his family. These trips are the perfect opportunities for children to spend time with their parents and grandparents.

Scott also enjoys playing and watching ice hockey. Over the last 15 years he has played with the Voyageur Hockey Club who is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year. The group has travelled to Europe numerous times to face other old timer hockey groups.  To learn more about the group visit their Facebook page.

Professional Overview

Scott Zies is the CEO of Zies Foods, a leader in the Canadian Meat industry.  Scott held various positions in the Canadian Meat industry including the Vice President of Trading at Retail Ready Foods Inc, director of the Canadian Meat Council, Chairman of the Alliance for Fair Trade in Beef, and member of the Canadian Beef and Pork Value Chain Roundtables.  Scott credits communication and time management as two keys to his organization’s success. Clients recognize that Zies Foods provides an incredible customer service experience—something that sets them apart from the competition. It’s one reason why many clients who work with Zies Foods are repeat customers with long-established relationships to the business.

Scott became involved in the food industry through a summer job in a meat plant. From that point forward, Scott knew that he wanted to work in the industry for as long as possible. Scott’s passion and dedication to his work show in every aspect of his business. Just like the farmers that he works with on a daily basis, Scott Zies believes that locally-raised, clean food is the best option for one’s diet and the local economy. The majority of Zies Food’s clients share the same view—a trend that Scott is excited about. Zies Food strives to provide clients with the perfect product every time.

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Brunswick Lake Lodge

Brunswick Lake Lodge is known for its unspoiled beauty and fantastic fishing. Since the lodge caps the number of outdoor enthusiasts who can visit at any one time, guests receive the best experience each time they visit. Besides fishing guests have the opportunity to canoe and hunt as well. The lodge’s website makes it easy to plan your trip. If you’d like to learn more about Brunswick Lake Lodge, visit their official site!