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When enjoying the great outdoors, there are some essentials to bring along. Whether you are utilizing a camper or going old school with a tent and sleeping bag, there a must-haves to bring when going camping. There survival essentials and basic comfort needs are to always bring just in case the worst comes to fruition.



Even if you plan on staying in an air-controlled camper, it is always a smart decision to pack a tent, just in case. If you are camping and plan on sleeping in a tent the good-old-fashion way, be sure to bring additional padding if it is not already built into the tent itself. Camping should be a fun, comfortable experience, not an experience ending in being unable to sleep due to the hard, cold, and rocky ground on your back. Padding is key to a full night of sleep in the great outdoors.



Always bring various different methods for light. You will never know how badly you need light until you do not have it. Of course, a rechargeable or solar powered flashlight is always a smart resource to have when camping. Even a kerosene-fueled light is another resource to have just in case of emergency or if you need a flammable fuel. Light sources that can be used as other resources are great in survival techniques.


Food & Water

A camp kitchen is a must have when spending time outside for an extended amount of time. Do not pack only non-perishable snacks, bring resources that would allow you to make food in the wild if worst comes to worst. A small gas-fueled stove top is compact and portable and always come in handy when needed. In addition to cooking supplies, a proper water filter is also a necessity to have when out in the woods. If you were to run out of the water, found water may not be the most sanitary option to drink. A water filter will allow you to drink water from a nearby lake or stream if you were to run out of bottled water.



Tools are another necessity when it comes to camping. Whether it is a swiss army knife or your own collection of wilderness tools, come prepared. You never know when a knife will come in handy. Whether it comes to cutting a piece of string or preparing food, a knife is always a must-bring when camping.