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Everyone can picture the scene of a hole in the ice, a fishing rod, and a man sitting on an upside down box waiting for a fish to nibble. Ice fishing is a fun way to fish but many don’t know what goes into the preparation for ice fishing. Many of the normal necessities still need to come along but proper gear and preparation are essential for an ice fishing trip.



This won’t be your picturesque fishing experience down by the river with the great outdoors beaming behind you. Instead, you will be in cold temperatures so you will need proper shelter and well-insulated clothing. In addition to keeping yourself warm and protected, you will need tools to break through the ice. An ice pick, ice auger, and a tape measure will be needed create the hole. Of course, safety should always be taken seriously when ice fishing so be sure to also bring a life vest and a first aid kit along for the ride.



When cutting through ice, safety is always on one’s mind. The ice must be at least 4-inches thick for ice fishing on foot. If you want to bring along an ATV, the ice must be at least 5-inches thick. Be sure to check the thickness of ice in more than one spot due to thickness can vary yard to yard. Also do not forget to take the weight of your shelter into consideration as well.



If you are looking for a worthwhile place to fish, look for other fishing huts around you. This is not an invitation to pull up right next to someone else’s spot, but it will give you an idea where the fish are at. Once you have found your spot, chip away a bit to give your auger a place to start. Whether you are using a manual or electric auger, be sure to cover the blades when not in use. Depending on how involved you would like to be in your ice fishing journey, there are transducers that sends a sonar “ping” into the water below and echoes back locations of fish. Once you are set up, drop a line and begin the waiting game!