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Camping is a great way to get back to nature and get in some quality physical activity, but spending time out in the wild isn’t always perfect. Even when you plan for the worst, something unexpected often happens. Here are a few tips to help you be a little more prepared for those things that can go wrong out in the wilderness.

Using Your Poles Wisely

If you have hiking poles, you can use them to help you pack more efficiently for the campout. By wrapping duct tape around the poles, just beneath the handles, you can give yourself an extra grip. Additionally, when something rips, you’ll have that tape on hand.

Speaking of Tears

Sure, you had the good sense to pack rain gear in case of a storm. Now, suppose it does storm and you find out at that last minute that your poncho or tent has a tear in it. If you wrapped tape around your hiking poles, you have the resources to seal up the rip. This can save you from getting drenched in an emergency.

Don’t Forget Your Boots

Hiking boots are essential for any camping trip, but you might not have the extra money to shell out for a new pair. That’s okay. Wrap tape around them to keep them together on your hikes. Even if they’re not in that rough of a condition, taping up the laces will keep them from getting snagged on branches along the way.

Tape Fixes for Fishing

If your rod snaps while you’re getting in some fishing, you can fix that with tape as well. Simply tape the rod together at the point of the break. For extra support, you can overlap the two halves together by an inch and wrap them together with the tape. This will help you get back to your fishing with just a few minutes of downtime.

There are many things you can bring along to help you on your camping trip, but few are as versatile as tape. Enough tape can temporarily mend almost any problem when you’re caught in a jam. Bringing a good supply of quality tape along can prevent you from having to cut your getaway short. From mending tents to making a makeshift clothesline, a roll of tape can save the day.